Camden to Get a New Community Center

From the Camden Comeback organization’s Facebook Page:

Some EXCITING NEWS for Camden! Jeff and Shannon (Rhoden) Steele have purchased the Methodist Church on S. Lafayette and Hendricks. Their plan for the building is to transform it into a community center – one that will meet the needs of the entire community.

After some renovation and updates, here are the possibilities they envision: the sanctuary will be available for weddings, funerals, and theater/concerts/performances. The upstairs will contain affordable business office rental space (perfect for counselors, health clinic professionals, an attorney, small business owners etc). One portion of the lower level will be dedicated to assisting people in our community meet basic needs and get info about or connect with local services available to them. Then, the remainder of the lower level will be available for events, meetings of local community organizations, banquets, fundraising dinners, educational workshops, lectures/talks, and for fun things like exercise classes, gymnastic/dance lessons, craft classes, etc.

The Steeles’ goal is to provide Camden citizens a space to meet, to conduct business, to learn, and to highlight their skills and expertise. For example, a local real estate professional could offer a class about reverse mortgages, a yoga instructor could host an ongoing yoga class, Camden Comeback could bring in a professional to offer a session on how to start a new small business and crafters could offer classes in painting, zentangle, quilting…you name it.

The opportunities for the building are limitless. It will be a place for Camden citizens gather, get married, watch a play, do business, get assistance, learn and have fun. All right here in town! They don’t have a timeline for opening yet as they just received the keys on Friday , but they are already hard at work on clean up and renovation. They are also open for suggestions about what you’d like to see offered in the new space. List those below…they will see them.

Thank you Jeff and Shannon, for purchasing this historical and much-loved building and having a vision for what’s possible for it here in Camden. We are ready to help in any way we can, and we can’t wait to see all the great things that will be happening there soon.