RFP – 107 E. Central, Camden Ohio

The Village of Camden is accepting proposals for the development of 107 E. Central Avenue property in Camden Ohio.  Below is an overview, for full information and photos, please download the full RFP Document:  107 RFP.




SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 1st, 2021



The Village of Camden, Ohio is currently seeking individual redevelopment proposals for the 107 E Central Redevelopment. The building was constructed in 1900 and has housed numerous types of businesses and residences. Preference will be given to multi-use commercial on the bottom and residential up top or business incubator.

Through this Request for Proposal (RFP), the Village of Camden, Ohio is seeking a Developer (respondent) that can make significant capital investment in exchange for a negotiable purchase price through a Development Agreement. The Village of Camden does not have designated funding for this this redevelopment; therefore, proposals must include a well-defined funding plan to upgrade the building to meet all current code requirements, with a minimum investment of $50,000.

The Village of Camden, Ohio is located in Southwest Ohio. The Village sits right in the middle of the Dayton-Cincinnati Metropolitan area. The current population is roughly 2,000 people with close proximity to high traffic roads like State Route 127. With over 10,000 cars driving right in the front yard daily, this is an optimal location for any business.


107 E Central Ave, Camden, Ohio 45311

Parcel: J30000201201012000

Current photos provided in Appendix A  (Please download PDF of 107 RFP for all photos)

Development Objectives

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals for the redevelopment of 107 E Central. The Village is open to considering any concept proposed by the developer (respondent) that aligns with the Villages goals to reactivate the building to its highest and most productive use to enhance the vitality and quality of life here in the Village of Camden. RFP submissions must meet the minimum requirements listed below to be considered:

  • Initial Purchase Price- Propose a purchase price to acquire the property
  • Redevelopment Time- It is expected that the schedule for redevelopment will incorporate the following milestones.
    • Within 12 months of the agreement: building permits issued for the scope of redevelopment work.
    • Within 24 months of the agreement: certificates of occupancy are issued for scope of redevelopment work.
  • Proposed Redevelopment Budget- The provided breakdown of redevelopment budget should be sufficiently detailed and must include, if applicable, anticipated self-performed labor hours and/or donated or discounted material costs. Please state what the minimum investment in the property would be.
  • Council’s Wishes- The existing structure shall not be demolished. Any renovations must give consideration to and be consistent with the original aesthetics and materials of the period in which the building was constructed, including, but not limited to:
    • No vinyl or similar type siding shall be placed over or replace any original brick or stone
    • No vinyl or similar type of soffit shall be placed over or replace any original soffit
  • Good Standing- Developer (respondent) and affiliated persons and/or entities for this agreement must not be delinquent in obligations to pay loans, fines, liens or other obligations owed to the Village of Camden or Preble County. All other properties owned by the Developer (respondent) in Camden must be in good standing with the Village of Camden, including the condition of commercial or residential leasable units.


A development proposal will be selected based on, but not necessarily limited to, the following criteria/qualifications.

  • Greatest economic impact on the Village of Camden
  • The experience, the financial capacity and organizational ability of the Developer (respondent) in successfully planning and completing development projects of similar type and scale, on time and within budget
  • Pro-forma indicates economically viable project
  • Leasable spaces have an identified tenant with the signed letter of intent, if applicable

The Village of Camden reserves the right to reject any and all responses without cause, make inquiries of Respondents and their references and clients regarding qualifications or information submitted as part of their response as deemed necessary, conduct personal interviews of any or all Respondents and request and receive additional information as the Village of Camden deems necessary. Prior to the award of the final development agreement, the Village of Camden reserves the right (at its own expense) of having Developer (respondent) submit for financial background to ensure capacity to perform in accordance with pro-forma submitted in application.


Each Developer (respondent) shall provide a description and conceptual discussion of their proposed redevelopment and key factors in a successful redevelopment project. This description and concept shall enable the effective evaluation of the Developer’s (respondent’s) ability to achieve the redevelopment goals outlined above and demonstrate what the Developer (respondent) presently envisions for the redevelopment site and applicable portions thereof. The Developer (respondent) shall submit an electronic version of their proposal on CD, DVD, flash drive or via to bwgcamden@gmail.com

  1. Cover– main point of contact, firm name(s), and the RFP title. Reference specific property proposal by street address as shown above.
  2. Project Narrative– Developers (respondent) approach to the reuse of the property, including all the requested information outlined in the Development Objectives on page four, description of innovative design features and project amenities, a description of the activities which may be located in the building and proposed purchase price for the building.
  3. Design Concept– should include conceptual level visual materials, such as a site plan, massing models, elevations, images etc. that convey key design concepts for the project.
  4. Project Timeline– projected timeline for completion of the project, with key milestones. The schedule can include the time needed to obtain financing, complete design and secure permits and approvals, prepare the site, start and complete construction and start and complete lease-up and/or sellout.
  5. Financial Summary– capital and if applicable, operating pro formas; major line-item construction and design budget, sources of funding and ten-year cash flowing projection for the operations, etc.
  6. Special Conditions/Assumptions– include special conditions or requirements for proposed project; Ex: land use changes, parking expectations, etc.
  7. Similar Completed Projects– relevant experience with similar projects
  8. Project Team– Identify the entities and persons involved in the project with a description of the roles each will play.
  9. Compliance with Development Objectives and Competitive Requirements– Identify the aspects of proposal which specifically address compliance with development objectives and competitive requirements.


Open House Tour Dates

Monday, November 1st: 9-11am
Friday, November 12th: 12-2pm
Wednesday, November 24th: 2-4pm

Additional building tours can be scheduled after November 24th if necessary. Please contact Benjamin W. Gunderson at bwgcamden@gmail.com to coordinate a tour.


All submissions are due by:  December 1st, 2021, by 1pm.
Electronic submissions to:  bwgcamden@gmail.com

Please contact Benjamin W. Gunderson with the Village of Camden for any questions or to request additional information. He can be reached at 513-939-9841 or at bwgcamden@gmail.com