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Camden’s Administrative Offices were contacted by an energy company who asked us to share an alert with Camden and area residents about current scam activity.  Please beware of the following phone calls or texts:

  • Calls that state they are with “DP&L” or “Duke Energy” and you are eligible for a rebate and they just need your account number(s). DP&L and Duke Energy already have your account number….they gave it to you, so they should not be asking you for that information. Giving out your account information can be risky as customers have had their accounts enrolled with someone else without their knowledge/consent (slamming).
  • Calls that state you are going to be receiving a “rate reduction” in June and they just need some information from your bill. There is no “rate reduction” program…they just want to sign you up and then have you pay early termination charges.
  • Calls that state your contract is expiring and you need to renew your energy supply. The only ones that know your contract information, are you and the utility company.

Please always be careful and skeptical about giving your personal information (credit card or banking info, account numbers, social security numbers, etc.) to random callers, text messages or even mail solicitations or communications.

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