The Village of Camden's is run by a mayor-council government system and thus has a six-member council, elected at large in non-partisan elections. The Village Council provides direction makes decisions in the best interest of Camden's citizens by making and following policy, passing ordinances and resolutions, and approving appropriations. A mayor heads the council although does not vote and is elected by the Village. Additional duties of council include: providing direction and oversight to Village personnel, serving on various committees to bring items to council as needed, monitoring the financial status and future needs of the Village, and providing leadership in the development and implementation of various Village projects and programs. Village leadership is listed below.

Council meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays
of each 7 p.m. at the Town Hall



Mayor of Camden:   Toni Keesler

Council Members:

Kelly Doran  (937-452-3473)
Kate Duskey (
Debbie Hickman  (937-452-1401)
Judy Michael  (937-533-0309)
Carla Risner (
Jeff Steele (937-533-7682)

Village Fiscal Officer:  Rebecca Wilson  (937-452-7547)

Police Chief:  Matt Spurlock (937-452-7522)

Fire Chief:  Josh Forrer (937-336-1474)

Village Administrator:  Rusty Wilson (937-452-7547)

Somers Township Trustees:

Jeff Brandenburg  (937-313-4995)
Andy Groh  (937-452-3076)
William McQuiston  (937-606-4714)

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