Planning Commission

As the Village of Camden moves forward with plans for new zoning rules/guidelines, the recently approved Community Reinvestment Area and other initiatives to improve our village, a much-needed Planning Commission Board was created.

This volunteer Planning Commission Board is made up of residents from the Village of Camden and duties will include:

  • Preparation of draft and recommendations to the Village of Camden for a new Zoning Code and map.
  • Review of Conditional Uses and Variances Applications
  • Review of Site Plan Applications and Administrative Appeals

Here are the ordinance and resolution establishing the Village of Camden Planning Commission and election of individuals to serve on the Planning Commission board.

The Commission is composed of five (5) members, consisting of the Mayor of Camden, one member of the Camden Village Council, two village citizens and one public member to be appointed by the mayor. Initial plans are for the board to meet once a month, subject to work on projects and applications being submitted. Current members include:

    • Village Interim Mayor Toni Keesler
    • Judy Michael, Council memeb
    • Jeff Wood, Village Resident
    • William Brown, Village Resident
    • Craig Coty, Village Resident


The Village of Camden will hold a public hearing on the proposed Zoning Code and Zoning Map. This hearing will provide an opportunity for members of the Camden community to ask questions and to express their concerns or support related to the proposal zoning items.

The first public hearing was held at 6:00pm on Thursday, May 5, 2022 at the Town Hall in the Council Room, and there have been several public meetings and council discussion meetings since that time.

The proposed Zoning Code and Zoning Map are linked here:

Proposed Camden Zoning Code
Proposed Camden Zoning Map

If you have any questions about the meeting or zoning materials, please contact Benjamin Gunderson at


(Please note, the draft meeting materials distributed to planning commission members at meetings and referenced above are for review and discussion by the group and are not final versions of the documents nor are they legally binding. Eventually, the Planning Commission will present their final DRAFT versions of the Zoning Code and Zoning Map and other documents to the Camden Village Council for their review, modifications and final approval and implementation.)