Income Tax


In 2015, Camden Council approved a 1% income tax for anyone who lives and/or works in Camden. At that time, the village contracted with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) to collect those taxes.

Please note RITA is just one of several agencies approved to collect income taxes for Ohio municipalities.  RITA also collects taxes for Eaton (1.5%), Gratis (1%) and West Elkton (1%).  Other agencies collect for some Preble County towns (i.e., West Alexandria (1%), Lewisburg (1.75%).

Camden's mandatory income tax is levied on Camden residents who are 18 years and older and who have earned taxable wages.  This includes salaries, hourly wages, commissions and other compensation, as well as on net profits from business operations and rental activities.

Residents must file a return for Camden's income tax annually.  In some cases, employers may take the tax out of an employee's paycheck, but in most cases, residents are responsible for paying this income tax when they file their annual taxes.

Residents of Camden who do not have taxable income (retired, active duty military, etc.) may file an exemption form with RITA directly. After filing the exemption form, and approved by RITA, qualified residents will no longer be required to file a City of Fairborn tax return unless or until their status changes (return to work, purchase a rental property, etc.). Residents who are on social security and medicaid do not have to pay the income tax, but must also file an exemption with RITA.


RITA offers a full range of online filing and payment options for your convenience on the RITA Website. When sending by mail, all forms and payments should be mailed directly to RITA at the address on the form. All other correspondence should be sent to:

P.O. Box 47790
Broadview Heights, OH 44147-7900

For assistance, you may call RITA at 800-860-7482, or the City of Fairborn Income Tax Division at 937-754-3006. For more information, check out these RITA links:


The majority of Ohio's cities, towns and villages operate and survive on taxes and levies. Small towns and villages, particularly, are dependent on the tax support of their citizens.

Camden's 1% income tax, approved in 2015 is simply another source of revenue (in addition to county and property taxes) for the village that maintains and improves our town. The income tax (collected and distributed to Camden by the Regional Income Tax Agency) is charged to everyone who lives and/or works in the Village of Camden. The funds generated by the tax provides approximately $275,000 for the village's budget each year.

All revenue from the income tax is placed into Camden's General Fund for appropriation as needed in the village's budget.  For the past few years, the income tax has been utilized to pay for the street repaving project, among other budget items.


Camden residents can visit the RITA website to learn more about Camden's income tax and to download required tax forms for use when filing your taxes. Camden residents can also call RITA representatives at  800-860-7482 with questions.

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