Fire & EMS

The Camden-Somers Township Fire and EMS Department is located right in the heart of town.  In addition to the professional services they provide for the community, they regularly participate in and host community events for Camden families. Prior events include: annual Camden Homecoming Carnival in the summer, a traveling circus and spaghetti & soup dinners.

The department’s officers include:

Josh Forrer, Chief
Stephanie Forrer, EMS Coordinator
Brian Collins, EMS Captain

If you have an emergency or require assistance from the Fire or EMS, please dial 9-1-1. 
For general inquiries (non-emergency, fire or medical assistance calls only), you can reach the department at (937) 452-1239.  Thank you.

The Camden-Somers Township Fire and EMS department regularly holds training for members, including training with local air care units, extraction training, controlled structure fires and pet first-aid training.

They also assist with distribution of smoke detectors for local residents, and participate or coordinate several educational and fun activities and events that benefits our Camden Primary School students.  In addition, they are involved in local parades, Camden’s Black Walnut Festival and coordinate the famous Camden Homecome Carnival i the summer.

You can find out more about the department via their Facebook page.


Recent Training Photos