Codes, Ordinances and Resolutions

You will find links to particular codes and ordinances passed by Camden's Village Council and that are in effect for the village and citizens in our community at the American Legal Publishing’s online library. American Legal Publishing is a national organization that publishing the ordinance libraries of cities and towns across the country.

Residents and others can now look up and review many of Camden’s ordinances online. Many have already been uploaded and others will be added soon.  If you do not find the ordinance you are looking for, please stop by the Village office or contact the Village at 937-452-7547.

Link to the online ordinances: 

Below is an explanation of the difference between resolutions, ordinance and codes:

  • Resolutions - Actions or policy matters taken by the Council that are meant to be temporary and can be deleted or changed.  A resolution executes a law already in place.
  • Ordinances - Ordinance are legally binding laws or regulations, or legislation intended to have a permanent and general effect. Ordinances can be repealed but it is a complicated and lengthy process.
  • Codes - Details based on ordinance and resolutions and are all based on the basic codes and requirements of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).